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26th Infantry Regiment Association – 2015 Reunion


  1. Luke Rogers Reply

    I am perplexed at the dates for our reunion. Since I have duties with both the regiment and the division I don’t know what to do. (Commo Officer 1/26 Ass’n, Board member BRO representing the regiment.

    who picked these dates?

  2. Catherine Houston Reply

    Has my reunion membership arrived? I’m a little worried since I sent it in only last week.

    • Bala Reply

      This is really awsemoe my Dad just had his Camp-Arnold Ancestry book returned to him. I’ve been coping it onto my computer to be put on disk. I’m working on filling in the updates of my extention of the family. It’s been a really interesting and educational experience. It has absolutely brought the past to life for me. I did not realize until I read in the book that the reunions had been in existance since 1923 or 1934. How amazing is that and they ae on going. We have the most amazing family. The more I look into the history of my family in every aspect the more I learn about American history itself. My brother has always been the history buff. Now I see why. I wish I could get my brother interested in family history as well as history in general.

  3. Sanae Reply

    The cleanup is on April 28th, in exhnacge for helping with cleaning the campground you get to camp for free April 27th 28th. It is better to make a reservation so that we know approx how many will be helping. If you have a rakes and such you can bring them, also on sat the 28th around 1:00 there will be lunch served we provide hot dogs, soda and ask that everyone bring a dish to share

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